Thursday, August 30, 2007

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My Oh My Mariners.....Sigh

They've lost 5 in a row. Did we jinx them by putting money down on playoff tickets?? Are they tired from playing so many days in a row, most of them on the road? Well they better buck up they've got quite a few more, including 3 with the blanking Yankees who just went ahead of them in the Wildcard standings.



Though I do think it is a bit unfair that they do have to play so many games in a row because the schedulers thought it would be a good idea to play in cold climates that don't have roofs in April. They are being penalized for poor planning and the lack of roofs at other stadiums.

We should sue.

Alienation of affection.

Cruel and unusual punishment.

Irreconcilable weather conditions.


Cleveland today.

Toronto Tomorrow

New York on Monday.

A day off YEAH!! Sleep boys Sleep.

Then Detroit.