Monday, November 12, 2007

Week of Concerts

Last November, I went to 4 concerts in one week. Sunday was Jim Gaffigan at the Paramount, he pretty much did his Beyond the Pale show. It was fun the seats were extremely uncomfortable. R and G got their pic taken w/ Jim after the show.

Wednesday and Friday I saw Sonny Landreth in concert, Wednesday at Triple Door in Seattle and Friday at JazzBones in Tacoma. He was superb. The Triple Door is more a 'concert' nightclub, and JazzBones if more of a bar. Both shows were great and fitting the settings the 1st was rather formal and the next more casual. I really should have blogged about this at the time.

Darcy and Josh came into town on Friday and attended Sonny with me in Tacoma, though they had come to town to see HIM.

HIM played Saturday at Showbox SoDo, a venue near Safeco Field. Showbox SoDo is just a big empty room, with a bar on one side. It was a fun show. The opening band Bleeding Through (or something like that) did that scream shouting vocals which is tedious, even though on occasion the singer would actually sing and he was good. HIM were really good. Pretty too.