Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sisterhood of the travelling Pets

What if we all took our pets everywhere and we expected people to be 'ready' for them.

"Hi I'm bringing my 2 cats to the party tonight, is there a room with a litter box and some water where they will be safe but still get to enjoy the party? " (also implying that if they were a good host they would have some cat treats so the cats don't feel left out of all the fun.)

Then someone will bring their pet mice and they get out of their cage and between the boa constrictor Jeff brought and my cats those mice are soon history and all the while the little yappy dog is yap yap yap yap yapping away.

Then the pit bull breaks loose from its' chain in the yard and comes in and is in a frenzy and starts chewing up the children(the cats are smart enough to get up really high out of reach). And we won't even mention the miniature horses that came and the little presents that are left every where.

Doesn't that sound like fun!!!