Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last Thursday morning, all of a sudden my street became the sight a lot of police action.

A bit before 9 am I heard many sirens, but didn't pay a lot of attention as my street is used as a shortcut for police and fire. Then I heard gunshots, that got my attention, I peeked out my east window just instinctually knowing it was happening at the 7-11. YIKES Seattle Police, Shoreline Police, marked cars, unmarked cars.

So of course I went for my camera, which had gasp it's last gasp of life. So the pics below are from my phone camera.

KOMO channel 4 report

Seattle Times report

Monday, October 15, 2007


Game 2 of the ALCS went for a long time. What gripes me is the broadcasters were like "wow what a long game" well duh you freaking morons, FOX adds at least a minute longer to each commercial break than games normally have. So how can they be so damn amazed?

Tim McCarver continues to underwhelm with his hardly insightful analysis. He must have something on the bigwigs at Fox Sports, that can be the only explanation for his continued employment.

Who the hell dresses Craig Sager? I'm all for people expressing themselves, but sheesh some of outfits make me wish for black and white tv.

KJR 950 AM Seattle's ESPN affilliate, is very spotty on having the games on the radio. When they aren't having the game they suggest tuning to 850 AM for the ballgame. I don't know where that station is located, but it isn't in Seattle and it has a VERY weak signal. If I do happen to tune it in it has so much static barely a word can be heard. SIGH.